Killing Machines Reviews The Game of The Moment: Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has some new features which were not there in Fallout 3. Here are what we think of the new version:

User interface

The user interface is too opaque. There are strange AI quirks and performance hitches. The human characters look tarrying. We think Fallout 3 was better in this respect. Like other fallout games, Fallout 4 also throws you into the wasteland remains of nuclear destruction. Before the bombs exploded, some people found shelter in different vaults and you are a survivor of Vault 111. You are 200 years into the future and away from your family.

Skill system

Fallout 4 is considerably streamlined as the player’s abilities are managed. There are 10 skills attached to each special ability. Each skill needs higher rank to unlock. When you move up the level, you will have single point which you can use to unlock a new skill.

No point system

There are no point systems or multiple layers like in Fallout 3. Fallout 4 enabled us to focus with the character and to determine his build. The skill system is too general and haphazard. It’s like you can do whatever you want to.  At first, it seemed different from Fallout 3. But soon it became easy to play. Attacking enemies and unlocking mysteries became easy. The skill system is much open.


The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (VATS) in Fallout 3 the time would freeze completely when you hit the left bumper on your controller. This allowed you to target particular enemies and hit their weak points. In Fallout 4, VATS slows down time to crawl instead of completely freezing it. Never forget the weapon system of this game is sick, you have guns, melee weapons, even scoping like Nikkon 8245.

The story

The story of Fallout 4 is much more coherent than its other versions. It shows wonderful places where you can get lost for hours.

Fallout 4 is a game worth playing for its story, graphics and animation. It is one of the most popular games of modern times.

6 Great Online Stores to Buy Video Games

You don’t need to worry too much to buy online games now. There are many stores available who sell online games at a reasonable price. You can do some research on these stores and then decide from where to purchase your game. Here are some good stores that you can consider:



This is an online store for purchasing all kinds of online games. These games are updated so that they can run on modern computers and operating systems. You can get both classic and new games here. The most interesting feature about the games you get here is that they are not locked to the PC you are using now or they are not locked in some cloud account.



The games of this store are available for Windows, Mack and Linux. They have a huge catalogue of games small and large, free and expensive.

Humble Bundle


They sell a collection of games so they can be bought cheap. The games are DRM free offered at an amazing price. This store donates a portion of their purchase to different charities.

Green Man Gaming


This store offers promo codes and discounts on social networks. They even offer great pricing for new releases or pre orders. Their collection is massive.

Best Buy


This store is authentic and you can get a huge collection of original games both old and new ones. The games can be played on your PC or iPhone. You can also get some good deals in this store. You can find anything here, from gardening, to electronics even the latest bluetooth soundbar.



It’s a great place to buy online games. You can easily read the reviews and then choose to buy. The prices are competitive. While people still think Amazon is the place to go for that best shower heads with hose thing, the industry changed. Amazon always has the reputation to provide highest quality products. The delivery is also very quick and that my friends includes games too!

Here Are The Top 5 Violent Video Games of 2015

In 2015, a number of violent games were released. These games are well designed and flawless technically. The display and actions are super cool. However, these games are meant for more matured players and can harm children. The top violent games of 2015 are:

#1 Battlefield: Hardline

This game is about armed conflict between drug dealers and cops. Players are role playing as police officers looking for ways to break the drug networks. Players can use shotguns, pistol, rifles, etc. to shoot the criminals. The fights are very intense; the characters scream in pain and there are lots of bloods around. The game contains violent scenes like shooting on the head or man being fed to crocodiles.

#2 Bloodborne

This game is a real test of the player’s skills and patience. You have to destroy creatures that were once human with axes, pistols and other deadly weapons. There are lots of combat and blood all around.

#3 Dying Light

This is a horror game. The player is a soldier being dropped to a city to investigate the outbreak of zombie. The player must attack zombies with deadly weapons. You will be covered with blood throughout the game.

#4 Hatred

In this game, the players act as sociopaths who kill innocent people and police officers with guns and bombs to satisfy hatred towards humanity. There is blood all around and the characters beg for mercy before they are executed. This is the most controversial release this year.

#5 Mad Max

This game is about Max’s journey to the wasteland. There is lots of violence throughout the game. Player can throw enemies from cars, snap necks and perform many other violent actions. There are scenes of slit throats, inhaling drugs and piles of dead bodies.
All these games are extremely violent and children in no circumstance must play these. These might have adverse affect on their behavior.